About us

About us

SmsCoin project launched in July of 2006 and started out with covering only four countries. In the aspt 12 years we grew from a small promising company to an experienced mobile payment provider, including SMS billing, that offers premium services in many countries, working with hundreds of mobile operators across the world!
One of the most important areas of our work is marketing and development of various projects



Wap Click

SmsCoin’s Wap Click is an easy to use and highly profitable way of monetizing your mobile traffic. The service works when a user activates mobile Internet.

Wap Click is used for:

Wap Click becomes an increasingly popular and desired way of paying for services on various websites.
Popular social networks, big mobile game platforms, movie and adult content oriented resource, dating websites and others utilize SmsCoin’s Wap Click service. This payment method is also widely used in mobile apps.

Wap Click advantages:

  • Fast and easy payment solution
  • High conversion rates
  • No confirmation codes or phone numbers required. The system automatically determines a users’ phone number

Wap Click — get what you want in one click!

More information at: - http://smscoin.com/

Mobile Commerce

SmsCoin’s Mobile Commerce in a simplified online payment method. It allows making payments by entering a mobile phone number and confirming transactions. There is no need to send short messages to mobile phone numbers.

Mobile commerce can be used to pay for:

  • Bonus services on social networks
  • Licensed movies and books
  • Horoscopes and weather forecasts

Clients can pay for all of these services using SmsCoins’ Mobile Commerce tool.

Mobile Commerce advantages:

  • Easy to set up and utilize
  • Low chances of user mistakes
  • High conversion rates
  • Higher deduction rates compared to other services
  • High verstality

SmsCoin’s Mobile Commerce - effective, user friendly and efficient!

More information at: - http://smscoin.com/

SmsCoin’s Premium SMS

- is a method of paying for services your company provides by sending SMS to a short number.

Premium SMS can be used to pay for bonuses in online video games, horoscopes, stickers, weather forecasts, additional social network features and voting on various online poll participants and online products.

Premium SMS advantages:

  • The most widely used payment method.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Big variety of countries and carriers.
  • User friendly payment solution as clients always have a mobile phone on them.

Monetize your services with SmsCoin’s Premium SMS service. It’s time to earn!

More information at: - http://smscoin.com/

Bulkness SMS campaigns

SMS campaigns are one of the most effective and versatile tools of communicating with clients. This tool is an excellent way of sending notifications, reminders and news.

SMS campaigns will boost your sales, bring new clients and make your goods and services highly sought after.

What are SMS-campaigns?

SMS campaigns are a means of sending big volumes of short message services (SMS) to mobile phone numbers. This is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool for active sales, finding new clients and improving business profits.SMS campaigns can be used in a variety of ways by both recently established companies and giant globally recognized corporations alike!

Retail chains, shops, taxi services, restaurants, tour operators, beauty salons, casinos, car shops and automobile services — all of these businesses and many more use SMS campaigns!

Don’t miss the chance to improve your income with this tool!

Bulkness SMS campaign advantages:

  • Get detailed traffic statistics
  • High sending speed. All of your messages will be delivered in mere minutes, depending on the campaign volume
  • Bulkness SMS is much faster, convenient and effective compared to other methods of informing clients, as all of them own some version of a mobile phone

Using Bulkness SMS makes your product, brand or service will surely make a buzz!

More information at: - http://bulkness.com/

DialogMarket call center

DialogMarket call center processes inquiries, requests and client notification via voice communication channels. We also work with email and online-chat requests.

Our company specializes in providing the full spectre of call center services.

DialogMarket can be used for:

Telemarketing, mobile phone operators, informational resources, service and technical service support centers, big company offices, ticket booking services, hotels, banks, survey services, transportation companies — all of these organizations and many more others are DialogMarket clients.

DialogMarket services:

  • Phone support service
  • Technical support
  • Report system and monitoring
  • Online-chat
  • Email processing
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Customized CRM
  • Multilingual support

More information at: - http://dialogmarket.com